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EasyCFIN was created in response to high demand of services requiring combination of technical, functional and business process knowledge that is critical in delivering successful Central Finance implementation and digital transformation.

Zbigniew Wierzbicki

5,5 years of CFIN experience, 8+ projects delivered, founder, CFIN GURU, MDG, SLT expert

Founders are hands on experienced Central Finance Architects who took part in multiple CFIN deliveries since early 2018.

Combination of business background, functional experience and technical skills including debugging and programing allowed us to deeply understand CFIN solution and use this knowledge to deliver successfully multiple projects.

Our key team members:

Jaroslaw Gorgon

4,5 years of CFIN experience, 6+ projects delivered, co-founder, ABAP GURU and CFIN expert

7 years development experience, FIORI & RAP GURU

Michał Klimczak

Michal Rogowski

2 years of CFIN experience, 3+ projects delivered, AIF replication expert

2 years of CFIN experience, 2+ CFIN projects delivered, 10+ years of CO and FI experience, CO expert

Bartosz Paternoga

Michał Wozniak

3,5 year of CFIN experience, 4+ projects delivered, Asset migration and Initial load expert

1 year of CFIN experience, 1 CFIN project delivered, 10+ years of FICO experience, reconciliation

Cristian Cafure

EasyCFIN is not only providing direct consulting services, but also try to spread knowledge of CFIN functionalities across SAP Community. For that reason, every week we will post hint, tricks and case studies. If you want to receive notification whenever new post is published, leave your mail address below.

Regardless, if you are System Integrator and you need Central Finance Architect, or you are implementing CFIN internally, we can provide you relevant knowledge and experience to deliver high quality implementation.

In case you are end client and you contracted System Integrator, we can make sure that you are delivered highest quality solution by using our Quality Assurance Service.

Our offer is diverse and can be tailored to the customer.

Our other services covers:

➛ CFIN audit (regardless of implementation stage)

➛ CFIN enhancment developments

➛ ABAP, FIORI developments and code review

➛ Migration of Financial objects eg. Assets

➛ Design and delivery of advanced reconciliation reports

➛ CFIN advanced toolbox (programs covering most work intensive steps: Profiling, Error handling, Basic reconciliation reports)

➛ SLT and MDG expertise



Based on multiple projects our team member



Can-do mentality

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